One of the regular questions about a fear of flying that I’m asked is about the reliability of engines. Now that two engined aircraft are frequently used on intercontinental flights that’s hardly surprising. But jet engines are very different from the old piston engines shown in this picture. Jet turbines are used in the production of electricity because they can they run for years without stopping.

Because they are so simple there are fewer things to go wrong with them. Think of a jet engine like this…and it really is this simple…and therefore is very very reliable…A jet engine sucks in cold air at the front through the big hole, heats it up in the middle and then forces it out of the smaller hole at the back. It’s the same principle as an inflated balloon being released…though much more controlled!

A jet engine rotates, like the the rotating electric motors in your washing machine or vacuum cleaner, there is very little stain on the components. Inside a piston engine some of the components change direction 50 times a second.

Jet engines are much more reliable.


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