I have just returned from an amazing holiday (brother’s wedding also) and I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Captain Keith who although I dont know personally I feel has been my strength in overcoming my fear of boarding the plane for the 12 hour flight. I read the book over and over again thoroughly, took it with me everywhere for 3 weeks reading through reminding myself that it would be ok …. my favourite saying ‘turbulence is not dangerous it is just very uncomfortable’ and when we hit a small amount of turbulence during the flight I just closed my eyes and said that in my head over and over again and I didnt care how stupid I looked ….. it worked !!!!!! Be positive I have had a fear of flying for many, many years and I feel now that I am making real progress. I just wanted to share my positivity as for far too long I have focused on the negativity. LINK TO COMMENT

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