HI I’M 8 MINUTES INTO WATCHING  A TV PROGRAMME CALLED ‘THE  WORLD’S 10 SCARIEST LANDINGS’ …APPARENTLY THE PROBLEM WITH THE FIRST AIRCRAFT IS THAT THE 737 CAN’T JETTISON FUEL…REALLY? NO WONDER…THE PLANE CONCERNED IS AN AIRBUS.   DO I NEED TO WATCH THE REST OF THE GARBAGE THAT’S ABOUT TO FOLLOW? 27 MINUTES INTO THE PROGRAMME…CONCORDE HAS 2 ENGINES…REALLY? APPARENTLY PILOTS LIKE TO KICK THE RUDDER ON A CROSSWIND LANDING…RUBBISH! “Almost vertical approach” …vertical is 90 degrees a normal approach is 3 degrees “Passengers could feel the effects of the crosswind”…how? ” 800,000 horsepower engine”…no such engine. ” one engine pulls to one side and could flip the plane over”  No it couldn’t. I always advised against watching Air disaster movies. I hope these  comments convince you. Captain Keith

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