Hypnotism, TFT and the Fear of Flying

We have no experience of using either of these methods in helping people to overcome their fear of flying. However we believe that a sound understanding of aviation  is needed before these therapies can benefit the fearful flyer.

To me it would appear that in the event of these therapies not working on a flight, then the fearful flyer could become vulnerable again. The facts about flying must be the basis for developing any long lasting strategy. If there is a fundamental belief that a plane will fall out of the sky if the engines stop, nothing will prevent that thought surfacing. If there is a fundamental belief that the wings can fall off then that belief will make itself known at times of stress.

Inevitably, for success, you must be the ‘owner’ of your strategy, you must be aware of how you have come to the conclusions that you have and you  must know how to answer your own questions when they arise.

My belief is that if hypnosis is so powerful why is all our learning not done under such circumstances?  Would you feel safer if pilots were trained to stay ‘cool’ because of a thought planted in their minds or would you prefer them to have learned those skills through training.It is those sorts of questions that make me doubt the universal efficacy of these methods.

Finally, this important point is worth considering, if you were climbing Mount Everest who would you go with a hypnotist or an experienced mountaineer? To what extent would tapping meridians on your body help you to scale an ice overhang?

Captain Keith

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