Here is some help, if you are supporting a fearful flyer

Your support will make an enormous difference to how successful someone will be in overcoming their fear. The life of a fearful flyer is dominated by this single difficulty. They carry a considerable feeling of guilt and weakness as a result. A common feeling for them is to think that they are letting their family or friends down.


You can call me on 01420 588 628 and discuss their fear in complete confidentiality. We can then decide upon the best course of action and how you can give  help and support. Ideally  we need to encourage the fearful flyer to have the confidence to pick up the phone and call me.

Sometimes this means that we say that we have spoken to each other, sometimes it’s better not to. It’s often a good idea to mention this site and encourage them to look at it and see how they react. Gentle encouragement and firm reassurance is effective as most long term fearful flyers will take almost any opportunity to avoid facing their fear.


Our joint aim is to get them to believe and accept that they will not uncover anything on this site, or on the course, that will make them feel worse than they already do. Curiously, however anxious some people are about flying, they prefer to live with the ‘devil they know rather than the one they don’t’ .  In their minds trying to overcome the fear will be worse than the fear they have.


It’s more usual for people to learn to deal with their fears rather than completely overcoming them, although of course some people learn to love flying. This means setting realisable objectives rather than hopes and dreams that can never be realised, so part of your job as a supporter is to manage their expectations.

What you can do

If you wish to book a Ground Course for someone and then tell them about it subsequently, we can help by saying that if this is the case we will not hold you to the booking and will refund your money if the person is unable or unwilling to attend the course within 6 months. I suggest that you encourage the person to come to the course as soon as they can, because they spend longer feeling like a ‘normal flyer’ rather than even more time as a ‘fearful flyer’.

There is a belief that it’s better to do the fear of flying ground course just before the flight and get on to it before the effects wear off. Though this sounds sensible it’s not really the best way to approach the problem. Bearing in mind that we offer a free place on any subsequent course the fearful flyer is then more likely to get on with things in the knowledge that if they want a ‘top up’ then it’s always available.


The cost of  the course is £175.00 (The one-to-one course costs £225) You can come along as a supporter for just £15.00 to cover refreshments and lunch. This means that you spend the whole day doing the course with the person you are supporting, and will  help you to understand the fear and gain fresh insights into it. Few people come along for a top up but they tell me that it is ‘in the background’ as a means of support should they need it. This is very beneficial because it means that the fearful flyer is facing and living with their fear but most importantly dealing with it. Our course is designed to empower people to work things out for themselves rather than be reliant and dependent upon anyone else. It is a solution that has worked well for many anxious flyers.
I look forward to hearing from you, Captain Keith  01420 588 628</strong

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