Here are some of the comments we have received from people who have attended our fear of flying course:

The right approach for me ; the course has enabled me to face and develop strategies to face my fear.



This course seemed best suited to meeting my needs. Having completed the course I can say it certainly has.

It is very well run and structured to meet individual needs. I’m confident that it will work for meand therefore would be a great

benefit to others.

A personal and passionate approach
I have so many questions so I am pleased I can email or phone Keith
I liked being able to ask a Pilot my questions because the other course didn’t work.
I liked the chance to ask my own questions
I chose this course because we were on a plane but it could not take off. There was no pressure to was all nice and steady.
We found the crew VERY GOOD!
I liked the personal approach and small numbers.

I’d recommend the course because of the small intimate group, dealing with individuals’ fears and EXCELLENT explanations.
How did you find the crew? TOP NOTCH!
I’d recommend the course because of the personal and individual approach and the experience of the instructors.
Offering a money back guarantee instills confidence that it will be effective.
Why would you recommend the course?  “I think it would be very successful. The content is tailor made and suited to the individuals needs and fears.  I look forward to reading all the material ( books DVD cD i Oi , CD  etc  (Great package!) Relaxed atmosphere and chatting over lunch.”
l liked it because of the website and Keith called me back on the phone and seemed very personable and helpful which gave a sense of confidence that he could help
Most of all I enjoyed the Videos and the in depth knowledge.
The course has really helped me. I think I’m almost ready to fly and the facts have greatly re-assured me.
Thank you, really enjoyed this helpful course.
I can’t think of anything you could do better.
Very good value for money
I have learnt how to be a supporter, and it was beneficial to talk to other fearful flyers and their supporters.
The crew were perfect!
Hearing all the explanations on a real plane was very helpful.
We have a better understanding of how we can help E.
It was helpful to meet other fearful flyers because you don’t feel like the only one and that your thoughts are silly.
I enjoyed understanding my fears from a logical point of view and why things happen on a plane
I enjoyed the non-threatening atmosphere, the discussions, the videos. But I didn’t like facing my fear…even tho I did.
I think that the approach, exclusivity  and honesty works very well.
Very informative…and enjoyable!
Very friendly, very good all round and all on a personal level
Expanations were perfect.
I enjoyed the atmosphere and Keith’s explanations, that it was very open and the  question and answer session
Very one to one and personal
Excellent course very many thanks to you and Viv
I enjoyed having my fears allayed hearing about the training of pilots and all the technical stuff.
Meeting other fearful flyers made me feel more normal
I enjoyed the environment, friendly, open, the clear explanations and the support
The small goup definately helped
Thanks for letting me come back for a (free)  top up
I enjoyed all of it, the crew were lovely and friendly and  helpful. I feel re-assured and excited about flying.  Personal . Thank you.
Pleasantly surprised by how effective being on the plane was.
The crew are so understanding and motivating


Definitely better than a very large group
It has turned me around from holding on to the fear to letting go of the fear.

I enjoyed practising the relaxation techniques while watching the take-off videos.
I felt like an individual

The crew were the very best, totally understandable and empathetic.
I enjoyed all of it!

Very much better than a large group.
Of course I’d recommend the course…without a doubt


I enjoyed sitting on the plane!
The course is great! Very personal, based on facts,and provides everything needed in preparation.
I would only want to do this with a small group.
Enabled me to guage the extent of my fear.
Crew were excellent.
Everything ten out of ten.
I enjoyed the discussions most.
Crew were excellent.
The small group environment was perfect.
There was no pressuer on  the people with a fear of flying that what they ‘think’ is  unreasonable. Keith was very personable.
Small group definitely helped.
The crew were respectfully challenging!
Been on (XX) which didn’t help much.
Bringing a supporter (free) was helpful.
Preferred this course because it was tailored to me. I needed tools to be able to deal with how I feel about flying. I got them!
Good to be on a plane but without being scared by the thought of a flight.  (Supporters comment)
I liked the small course size, personal touch and good interaction.
I’d recommend the course because it’s an opportunity to face your fears with benefit of information( technical etc) plus focussed time tackling something you don’t want to think about.
I enjoyed the breathing techniques, sharing feelings techniques and solutions with others.
I enjoyed the fact that you don’t actually fly, so no need to feel anxious.
Good sense of humour and lightheartedness essential and appreciated.
Excellent, well organised and thought out, no doubt in a large part due to Vivienne adding to Keith’s expertise.
I believe it ( the course) to be very beneficial for anyone with a fear of flying for whatever reason as it’s very comprehensive.
Have been on XX course. It helped for a while but the fear came back so I wanted to have a different experience  as I think that my problemis not the flight itself but controlling my fear.
Enjoyed Q and A’s  most.
I think the course is very well planned  and executed.
Both Captain Keith and Vivienne are very personable, approachable and knowledgeable which puts the participants at ease.
I liked most the breathing and relaxation exercises and the supporters strategies.
A very big thank you to you both.
The crew were very hospitable.
The crew were encouraging, helpful, considerate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly  and inviting.
No bullshit
Captain Keith and Vivienne is what made the course for me. Enthusiasm, empathy, and knowledge was the key to making the course really work for me. Absolutely fantastic…Thank you so much.
It was all very good and the venue  expertise and general care of your delgates was to a high standard. Presenters complement each other ..a great double act.
What attracted you to the course?  Money Back, free top up, free supporter, products, personal touch. Additional course free.
Every question was answered, dispelled myths, came away with strategies.
felt less corporate and more personal, value, knowledge and liked how it’s run.
Personal approach and on going support.
For me it was great, answered all my questions and helped with my anxieties.
It may have worked!
Thank you for answering ALL my questions
Extremely well tailored to individual needs
Personal touch and the willingness to answer questions and focus on individual needs.
Good environment on plane.
I liked the explanation of all safety topics.
Have been on other courses but weren’t personal enough for me…din’t cater for individual needs like this one.
Personal attention and any questions answered …however silly!
Good value ; one to one attention.
A first class explanation of what flying is about.
Everything is perfect!
Practical nature of help and and guidance.
Excellent course no need for improvement.
Personal practical advice should help any fearful flyers.
I have done the X course found it very  impersonal and was still looking for  more answers afterwards.
Being proud of myself
Very informative.
Acceptance of having a child on the course and watching her confidence grow.
Keith and Viv worked together to allay fears for X by giving valid reasons for the aspects of her fear. ( Supporter’s comment)
Good information, sensible comments, no censure practical information.
It’s no nonsense no glitz and glamour it’s facts not look how many clebs we’ve cured.
All enjoyable Keith very professional and friendly.
Excellent really friendly understandable teachers.
It was done with upmost proffessionalism. Very caring.
Excellent to have full attention.

The personal touch and the fact that nothing’s too much trouble.  (Supporter’s comment)
Addressing my fear of take-off…best buit for me.
Liked having time to discuss things.
Knowledge , care, compassion, understanding, consideration …thank you so much.
Question and answer sessions were  very helpful to me, and hearing other people’s similar anxieties helped to make the day most useful.
I enjoyed the explanations of the strategies that would help me rather than being told  what other people think will work for me.
I was pleased to be able to hear so much about the course before attending.  01420 588 628
Personal attention and factual approach whils understanding the anxieties behind my fear.
I have done th X course and found it too big and less personal.
I found Keith very approachable before the course.
You can ask any question without feeling silly.
Personal touch…fun and informative.
I enjoyed all of it very informative  and it’s effective.
Very impressed!
Fantastic  knowledge and very friendly people.
Understanding people, friendly, provides useful tools reassurance
I like the fact that Keith tried to cover everyone’s personal issues.
Small, personable, friendly, positive, realistic, honest.

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