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“Relax” is the perfect pocket size guide to give you immediate support – when you need it most – with 22 pages of great tips for when you are packing, when you reach the airport and when you are on board your flight. Perhaps you’ve been on our course; maybe you’ve read our book. And now it’s time to put it all into practice. But we know that this is the time when you need us most. “Relax” is there, supporting you, even at times when you don’t have your book to hand or can’t turn on your audio player.“Relax” is structured so that you can get to the advice you need fast.

From the moment you book your flight, “Relax” will be your perfect companion, talking about what you are experiencing and advising you on ways to be in the best possible shape for your flight.“Relax” covers it all – fear, panic attacks, facts and fiction, things to say, preparing at home, airports, sleep, on board, health, myths, relaxation, how planes fly, stress, etc.. We remind you of simple things such as – the wings cannot fall off, the doors cannot be opened in flight.

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