One of the most common themes that I see on fear of flying help sites is about the weather. So many people, understandably check the weather before they fly. But it’s not for sun bathing or skiing it’s about whether the pilot should be flying the route or if he or she should delay the flight. As I said it’s understandable…but it’s daft, there’s no way that an average person would know what to look for in the way of ‘suitable weather’. what would be bad weather to drive in would be fine for a plane. A wind that was to high for sailing would be fine for flying. There’s no way you can interpret the weather in a way that would make you more at ease on your flight.

For example, this week there are several people going to Orlando and have posted messages to me about the weather. They are concerned that they may fly through what they regard as ‘bad weather’.

What do you make of this weather map? What is significant and what is not? What areas would you avoid. which routing will give you the best tailwind? In which direction would you expect to land in any of the countries shown. What are the appropriate landing criteria?

Leave it to the pilots, they know what they’re looking for…you don’t!

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