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I'll get you flying... that's my promise

Captain Keith Godfrey

We don’t know of anyone else who dares to make that promise, so if you have a fear of flying we can help you personally. Our next Course is on Dec 17th

Despite how you may feel right now, we will get you flying. We’ll even give you your money back if you come on our course and it doesn’t work for you. By the way …no-one has ever asked


“Hi Keith! Hi captain keith, I did it, got on the Qantas a380 from London Heathrow, arrived in Melbourne yesterday, I enjoyed every minute of the flight can’t believe after 33 years, I’ve done it, just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your wife. As after attending the course I’ve read all your books, practised my breathing and it worked, and I actually enjoyed every minute, I’m so happy that I’m here for my daughters wedding and I’m going to have a fabulous 3 week holiday. Thanks keith, you changed my life. Nigel Rutherford (Cardiff) November 2016.

“I found Keith as thought it would be worth a shot at trying to manage this fear that had built up over the years. Keith was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! His course was so personable, logical and enjoyable. I could ask any question, no matter how ridiculous it was, and Keith gave me a sound answer to every single question I had. I came away from the course still a tad nervous about flying but a new found confidence in pilots and the planes themselves. It really is an extremely safe thing to do! I recently went on a family holiday and I was so pleased to have finally conquered my fear!” September 2016.


£50 This course is about YOU. Personalised to make sure YOU succeed. Four people on your course so you'll get really personal attention. Bring a supporter FREE. And if it doesn't work for you, we'll refund your money.

£225. A day with me, on our plane, addressing your anxieties about flying. 2 hours static simulator flying is £500. I can accompany you on a short flight (tickets not included) £350. If you're in the public eye or want confidentiality call 01420 588 628 or 07539 172646.

£29.99 (US $49) The only on-line course available to help fearful flyers. Organise your own 'Library' from over 60 videos, hours of audio help and 100+ articles, including 23 common fears. And practice making bookings to find the best place to sit. Contact other fearful flyers on the message board. And lots lots more...even chat to Captain Keith during your flight!

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