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Captain Keith Godfrey
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“I’m currently cruising at 36,000 feet the most calm I have ever been on a plane is without any doubt easily the best course around. RD Aug 26th Course

I had a morbid fear of flying but through his teaching and personal, professional approach I have flown so many times without any fear. Keith I owe you so much gratitude, I would never have seen half the world if it wasn’t for you. GF Received 15th Sept 2017 Course 2006

Thank you so much again….I can’t begin to express how much it means to get reassurance from you and I hope you can accept that you really make a huge difference to people who feel the way I do about flying. 28th July 2017

As you will have seen from Facebook I arrived back home in the Uk from Australia two days ago. Thank you for your help. Nov 26th 2017.

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£175 This course is about YOU. Personalised to make sure YOU succeed.You'll get personal attention. Bring a supporter FREE. And if it doesn't work for you, we'll refund your money. Call me 01420 588 628

£250. A day with me, on our plane, addressing your anxieties about flying. 2 hours static simulator flying is £500. I can accompany you on a short flight (tickets not included) £350. If you're in the public eye or want confidentiality call 01420 588 628 or 07539 172646.

Designed for non-UK residents The only on-line course available to help fearful flyers. Organise your own 'Library' from over 60 videos, hours of audio help and 100+ articles, including 23 common fears. And practice making bookings to find the best place to sit. Contact other fearful flyers on the message board. And lots more...even chat to Captain Keith during your flight!

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