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I came along to your fear of flying course as a "supporter" for my wife almost a year ago. Well we have just returned from a trip to see our son in Australia! Dave

"The Flying without Fear book is AMAZING and a must for anyone who has a fear of flying." Sally H

Hi I would really like to thank you I never thought I would ever be able 2 enjoy a flight ever again! Carol

Keith shows a real understanding for the various worries a nervous flier  and explain things in a very effective way. A.L. Nottingham

Captain Keith, I really really want to thank you for everything!! All the things you say in this website, your books, DVD , CDs helped me a great great deal! J.A. Sydney. Australia

Captain Keith Godfrey gives the answers in a way that helps you most. J. New York USA

Hi Keith, I just wanted to say a massive thank you - you've changed my life. Amy

A fear of flying can be overcome, I didn't believe it , now I do. I fly fly fly. Susan. Surrey. U.K.

Another successful flight to Leeds and backlast week. Lena. Belfast

Many thanks for the excellent day on Saturday.   I think we all gained an enormous amount from the day, and I certainly feel completely different about flying. Sarah. RS. London

I came to your courses recently and was frightened to walk around. This week I went to home in Budapest and walked around ... like you said  perfectly safe  thank you very much again. Lydia. Magyar.

Thanks for your website...I read bits and pieces especially when I am about to take a long trip. Seriously I just get this feeling of helplessness when caught in turbulence or anything. This site helps me each time I have to fly. Joanna. South Africa

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