Hi everyone… we are back from our second trip to Jersey! We did it. The only hiccup was my so called friends thought it was funny to make sick jokes about flying whilst I was sat in the airport. This is a crucial time for fearful flyers as there is still time to opt out of getting on the plane! I felt very stressed so I got my crossword book out and listened to my fave tunes and ignored them. As we boarded the plane the pilot gave us a wave. This helped to calm the nerves. The take off and landing were perfect and the clouds were stunning. It was a little noisy sitting by the propellors but generally the flight was dare I say it ‘enjoyable’!…   This is the 3rd time we have visited family in Jersey in 2 years, and without Keith and this amazing website this would never have happened. I may even plan the next trip this week. I remember booking my first flight and not being able to even look at the picture of an aeroplane on the Flybe website without freaking out and sweating and shaking! It’s amazing that with the right tools and support you can fly…   My other friends decided to sail and there was engine failure and they couldn’t dock! It really is quicker, more comfortable and easier to fly!

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