I posted a message on a blog and got an encouraging response, check out this guy’s site https://ferriandpartners.com Here’s what I wrote in response to Virgin’s press release This stuff has been available free on our web site years before this company even had videos on their site. Big brands don’t guarantee quality. The word, and help that we use, that this App provider company would be reluctant to say is ‘free’. We’ve got free videos audios pictures a free social network for fearful flyers a free help line. Free help line But we do sell stuff. We’ve got a book called Flying without Fear which is in question and answer format. Funily enough so do these providers… same name same format except ours came out years before theirs but we’ve sold over 12000 copies, and we’re top of Amazon and have been for 5 years. I don’t usually post these sorts of messages but …anyway our App will be free. We don’t make success claims because you can’t. Captain Keith

This is the reply

Captain Keith, Thank you for your information. I see from your website that, among other things, you’re a former British Airways captain. I’ve been poking around the Flying Without Fear website (http://www.flyingwithoutfear.com) and I recommend it to readers — it’s a good site not only for “anxious flyers” but quite interesting for anyone who flies. Thanks again Captain. By Jim Ferri on Nov 18, 2009 Don’t forget to visit his site…it looks great for travellers ferriandpartners.com

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