As members of the fear of flying social network are aware I’ve just returned from a holiday in the USA. We flew to Phoenix and then visited eight of the national parks. But I’m nor here to bore you with my holiday. The reason that I mention it is that on the flight out and the flight home there was a total of five minutes turbulence, and very mild at that. So many people who have a fear of flying spend weeks worrying about their flights and what might happen that they’re exhausted before they even set off. But the reality is that it may or may not be bumpy…the sensible thing to do is to have a plan…know what to do and think if there are a few bumps or noises. It’s all in the planning. Two people this week have reported on LOGBOOK 24/7 that their flights weren’t as bad as they had expected and yet for days and weeks if not months, they’d been dreading them. Remember a fear of flying can be overcome and your fear of flying  usually exaggerates what is likely to happen.  If you live in the UK why not come along to one of our ground courses which we run each month?    OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF FLYING BY BOOKING YOUR COURSE HERE Captain Keith

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