Welcome to this website! How do I know you’ve just arrived? Because most people who have a fear of flying are worried about turbulence and this is the first bit of information that people want.

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Always wear your seat belt, and tighten it in turbulence.

Turbulence or a bad experience in the air are probably the most common reasons for a fear of flying. Most people believe that turbulence is dangerous; the truth is, that during turbulence the pilots remain in complete control of the complete control of the aircraft. There is a chapter on turbulence on our Audio CD Set. There is also a  description of turbulence in our Fly Without Fear Book. Remember that turbulence is uncomfortable, but that’s not the same as dangerous.
Fear of flying. Enhanced picture showing the disturbed airflow behind an aircraft.

Turbulence from wing vortices

The truth is that aircraft go up and down during turbulence but the reason that we believe that they are always falling is that the sensation or falling is much more alarming and unpleasant than the sensation of going up. Turbulence is caused by the movement of the air. When these two flows of air (N-S and E-W) collide with each other, they cause turbulence just as two rivers meeting will cause currents and eddies and make a boat bounce around. Turbulence is just the airborne and invisible version of this. (Movement of air accounts for all the weather we experience.) similarly any air which is heated up, for example, over a town, will do the same thing, and rise.

Always wear your seat belt when seated and tighten it in turbulence.

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