Thank you to these people who wrote to us this week.
“After a few hours with Keith my life has totally changed – I now fly without even thinking about it and I can speak with authority to all those wondering what each bump and noise means. Total air travel in the last year amounts to 37,000 miles of total relaxation – thank you Keith” Cathy “V was one of the participants in your inaugural course. Since then we have flown around Latin America to Oman and Dubai and are just back from Botswana where we flew five flights in small four/six seaters. All this without any anxiety from V at all so thanks again for your help Kind regards I.M.” “I am very proud and pleased to tell you I am writing to you from Brisbane. I flew London-Bangkok-Sydney last Friday,” Lauren “A question Keith had on the CD really hit home with me. ‘What could your life be like if you weren’t afraid of flying?’ I’m paraphrasing, but suddenly realized there was a world out there which I would never experience if I let FEAR rule my life.” David
Hi Keith,
Hope you’ll remember me.
Just over three years ago I was staying at Lewis Child’s Earth Terminal Studio in Odiham and our band NOSFERATU had a concert in Leipzig, East Germany.
I remember that you gave up nearly an hour of your valuable time persuading me to fly to Germany and helped to alleviate any fears that I had.
I did make that flight to Leipzig in June 2006 and met up with my girlfriend A*** (whom I met for the first time in **** in May 2006, we travelled by road). We got on well and A*** moved to England in July 2007. Last December our baby daughter E****M***a was born, so I would like to say a big “Thankyou” to you Keith. If I had not got onto that plane, the baby would probably have never been born.
I have flown several times since then, I must admit that I missed a couple of flights in 2007 but I last flew in May 2009 with my son, girlfriend and new daughter.
You really are kind Keith.
Thankyou so much for your detailed explanations which gave me the confidence to fly again !!
Best Regards

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