Top Tips for fearful flyers

  1. Dispel the myths of flying with knowledge.
  2. Have confidence that, despite all your feelings, flying is normal.
  3. Although you may not believe it,  flying an airliner  is NOT complicated or difficult.
  4. Flying and safety is most definitely NOT in the hands of chance or the Gods, and it’s not magic either!.
  5. To overcome your worries about flying you must have a plan.
  6. We have suggested an action plan and strategy on this site.
  7. Flying is safe because of the laws of physics and gravity.
  8. Remember, flying is much safer than you think.
  9. Remember that the fear of flying is a learned fear and therefore it can be unlearned.
  10. ‘What if ‘ thoughts must be controlled.
  11. The fear of flying is not a weakness.
  12. Be content with small steps.
  13. Praise your achievements.
  14. Planes don’t plummet … they descend.
  15. The pilots know what they’re doing.
  16. You don’t need to hang on to the armrests … the wings always work.
  17. Aircraft make a lot of noise while taking off.
  18. Turbulence is uncomfortable but that’s not the same as dangerous.
  19. Let the airline know that you are an anxious flyer when you buy your ticket.
  20. Eat lightly; salads and watery fruit are ideal.
  21. Get good quality sleep before your flight.
  22. Put your seatbelt on as tightly as you can bear it.
  23. There are no such things as air pockets.
  24. An aircraft will not fall out of the sky if the engines stop.
  25. An airliner can glide for over 120miles from cruising height.
  26. ‘Stalling’ has nothing to do with the engines.
  27. There are no ‘dangerous’ airports to land at.
  28. Turbulence is not dangerous. But it can be very uncomfortable.
  29. Aircraft do not fly through thunderstorms.
  30. Aircraft on commercial flights do not turn lower than 500 feet above the ground.
  31. Clear air turbulence is no worse than any other turbulence.
  32. In reality it’s unlikely that you have experienced severe turbulence.
  33. Being struck by lightning in an aircraft will not hurt you or the ‘plane.
  34. What’s abnormal, unusual or unexpected to you…is normal to the pilots and crew.
  35. Remember aircraft are more efficient than birds…birds don’t carry passengers.
  36. An aircraft would glide ‘if ‘ the engines stopped.
  37. The engines are not straining on take off.
  38. Aircraft always make a lot of noises while taking off.
  39. Aircraft don’t mind being in cloud, even dark cloud.
  40. Arm yourself with facts.
  41. Find a supporter…try our on-line course
  42. Think of positive things.
  43. Use our help products.
  44. Work on probability not possibility.
  45. Familiarise yourself with the noises of flying.
  46. Use relaxation breathing techniques.
  47. Get reassuring help .. .
  48. Face your Fear!

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