Dear Keith,   Thank you so much for your kind offer of a complimentary product however, I did receive what I ordered and was planning to email you to say thank you for such a prompt and personal service. I have to say I am very impressed with you and your work and I wanted to say a big thank you for providing such a helpful, informative and people friendly service. Without wanting to sound patronising I would also like to say well done you! You have a rare mix of expertise and experience coupled with an ability to communicate in a warm, caring and approachable way.   Personally I developed a fear of flying after encountering severe turbulence on a flight from xxx to Heathrow back in the 80’s. I loved flying prior to that having flown on all sorts of aircraft from Concorde to a single engine Cessna and I’d fantasised about learning to fly one day. It wasn’t until 2006 that I was able to overcome the fear using EFT which I believe dealt with the anxiety caused by the fear of the fear as well as other anxiety causing factors in my life at the time. So why did I buy your DVD? I saw your book in the library which I borrowed as I was keen to see how you dealt with the problem and I was very impressed. I occasionally get a twinge of anxiety during turbulence and I use EFT to clear it and I was curious to see how your nervous flyers coped hence the DVD which I also thought was very good. I will certainly be recommending your material to anyone I know who is afraid of flying as even with the brilliant EFT it is still useful to have an expert explain the detail and tapping along with the DVD would I am sure be a useful aid to the process.   I wish you continued success with your wonderful work (not that you need it) and I hope life is being good to you in sunny Alton (I used to live in Brookwood).   All the very best,   AW

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