Fear of Flying. Success story

Hi everyone,Well I am back from my overseas trip to Hong Kong & Thailand. I had to take 5 flights during a two week period – I experienced little discomfort on any of the flights and only felt extreme anxiety leading up to the first flight out.Thank you all for your ongoing support over the […]


Fear of flying. Knowledge

” Hi Keith, well here we are in Sardinia. We have had a great day, and tonight …I just want to say thank you again for all your help, will speak soon.”Jenny.”That’s from someone who had a very bad fear of flying! It’s nice to get thanks…but Jenny is the person who did it. It […]


Fear of flying. It can be overcome!

After a great deal of anxiety and messages on the forum, Jane overcame her fear of flying and managed a trip to Egypt.If you want to know how she did it go to the forum and look for Janeybee.It wasn’t easy for her but I think the pay off was well worth the effort, tears […]


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