Fear of flying.

We’re pleased to say that British Airways have recently linked to us from their site. They recommend visiting our site if you suffer from a fear of flying. There are many useful articles on their Health pages for the travelling public. Keith and the team


Fear of Flying. Frankie overcomes his fear.

  I was delighted to meet Frank at the World Fear of Flying Conference. He is the sort of guy you can immediately engage with, friendly, confident amusing…hardly the sort of chap who you’d think would be anxious about anything, let alone a Fear of Flying. He addressed the Conference and spoke from the point […]


Fear of Flying. New Web site home page.

The most popular and helpful feature of our web site is the help forum. If you have a fear of flying then this is the best help resource available anywhere in the world. There are now over 5000 messages of help and support and new members join each week. Members who have found a way […]


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