2 07pm  June  14th

HI Keith, just a quick update for you … on Friday I’m off to Munich and this is the first of many flights for this year. Flying down to Newquay in July …flying on my own!

Then off to Marrakech July/August for a short break. Flying out to TFS in November for a Canaries Cruise and hoping to get away at Christmas and probably gonna go up to Aberdeen to see my brother for a few days – again on my own.

2010 is going to be quite a year for my then eh? Got myself a new mantra tho, I now tell mysef I’m not scared of flying anymore, I’m just a bit anxious about the take off. Trying a bit of positive thinking. Not fretted about this weeks upcoming flights at al and that is down to the fantastic support and encouragement I’ve had from you.

Thanks so much Keith (((hugs)))

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