Fear of Flying Simulator Course

Fear of Flying Simulator Course

The five people who came to the Simulator course last week end had a memorable day that will help them to approach flying with knowledge and confidence. Each person had at least 40 minutes in the pilot’s seat flying the plane around doing take offs and actually flying a Go Around. Even more amazing o them was the fact that they were able to do the Go Around when I wasn’t even in the pilot’s seat. The crew consisted of  two anxious flyers who with the simplest of instructions in what to do were able to control the plane along the approach and then much closer to the ground than they felt was appropriate increased the power raised the wheels and flaps and flew away from the runway. So something that had made them worry for years and years was finally understood and turned into a positive thought.
See the videos of the simulator here  SIMULATOR  GO AROUND
Please don’t hesitate to ring me for information 01420 588 628

“The sim taught me that it really is in my capability, in fact I was quite enjoying it, now that is progress.”

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