Hi Captain Keith! Thanks for your email! Yes, the course downloaded successfully, thanks for asking – I downloaded it the day before we went on holiday and put it onto my iPod so I could listen to it on the plane (I’ve read the first volume of Flying Without Fear so many times I can practically recite it so thought the audio help would be just as successful and helpful!). We flew out to Palermo, Sicily from Gatwick last Thursday and came back yesterday and although we had to divert through Switzerland because of the French air traffic control strike which added an extra 25 mins and although it was quite a turbulent flight it was my best yet (it was our sixth holiday since July 2009)!! I did the breathing exercises and actually dozed off for a bit which was a first – so I must be relaxing more and more!! I thought the tips were great and will definately listen to it again before we fly again. Thanks so much for helping me – you have made a real difference and you are helping me enjoy my holidays so much more because I’m not so worried about flying! Best regards, R P.S. My partner says thank you as well as I’m no longer breaking his hand with every little sound / rumble / vibration!!

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