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Captain KeithWelcome to this website where you’ll find everything you need to get you flying. Whether you’re flying for the very first time or after a period of feeling too anxious we can help you. Or  maybe  you’re able to fly but you just want to more at ease and though you don’t want to go wing walking you just want to be able to relax more when you’re flying. Perhaps you want to go on holiday and not start worrying about the flight home halfway through. Do you need to go on business trips because you’ve been offered promotion? Is it time to start enjoying yourself and seeing the world? Whatever brought you to our site we want you to know that I promise to get you flying. Lots of people succeed and it’s worth doing because it WILL change your life.  

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Please call me at any time for advice 07539 172 646  Captain Keith

About Economy Membership

Economy Membership gives you the basics about a fear of flying and guidance on how to address your fear. If you can fly but find yourself feeling a little bit anxious this will help you to fly more at ease. Get Economy Membership

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 As you’d expect there’s a lot of information to help you overcome your fears. There are videos, Audio files and many articles to help you understand your fear and find a strategy to succeed. Get First Class Membership [/toggle]

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Premium Membership gives you access to 60  helpful and encouraging Videos hours of audio help and a library of information that is unequalled anywhere on the internet. It is the world’s biggest resource for fearful flyers. Join Premium


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