just an update for everyone, I made it! I just landed about an hour and a half ago and I’m already home, on my couch watching the Super Bowl. I have to say that watching the videos here and keeping the whole Logbook community in mind did help me out a bit. We encountered some severe turbulence on our flight to Florida (in my head it was severe and abrupt, but who knows how the pilots felt about it.) I actually was on my way to use the bathroom when it hit, and I was jolted into some poor guy’s lap. The fear that ran through my body at that point was beyond imagination, but I almost feel like it was good to go through it because I can see how the plane held up just fine, we didn’t come tumbling out of the sky, and basically it was just really uncomfortable to sit through, that’s all. It made me realize that we’re not flying in a little tin can…we are in a well designed machine that can probably handle much worse than what we went through. My flight home was amazing..smooth and enjoyable. Other than some bumps as we ascended, it really was the first time where I can say it was a pleasure to fly. I wish every flight could be like that! I feel like I have improved so much with takeoffs after watching the videos here. I still grasp my husband’s hand and pretty much cut off circulation, BUT I am not scared by all the noises anymore, and I feel like I know what the plane is doing as it makes its ascent to cruising altitude. Next thing I need to work on is just relaxing and not being so tense during the rest of the flight. I think if I start learning more about how planes fly and the dynamics behind it, it may help to calm my nerves. Baby steps…. Thank you everyone for helping me out – you all really made a big difference! J

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