Hi It’s the easiest thing in the world to be critical of the way other people do things. But this is to remind you that big brands don’t guarantee quality. Tonight I chanced upon a TV program which has been running for some while and enjoys many repeats on the many digital channels now available. What irks me is that just because a big brand chooses to do something that there is an assumption that it’s done well and it’s done properly. In tonight’s program a lady with a fear of flying was  a principle story line. If she overcame her fear of flying enduring what she was subjected to… well all I can say is  anyone doing anything will overcome a fear of flying.  The poor lady was very upset, and in an attempt to re-assure her that everything was OK, the pilot explained that the aircraft turned by means of the ailerons which are situated at the ends of the wings. Another of her fears was explained away by showing her the use of some switches on the flight deck. In all the people I have helped  a technical explanation has never reassured anyone who was crying. Then we saw her in the flight simulator…unattended and left to cry while the pilots demonstrated how simple it is to fly a plane. There was another person on board who described what was going on, not in  normal language but in technical jargon. Even when she asked for the camera to be taken off her the filming continued. I am incensed when peoples fears are disregarded just to promote an airline or make a program. The damage that can be done is enormous. Never once were her fears addressed, never once was she asked how she felt, never once was her viewpoint considered. The whole episode was a disgrace and even though everyone was doing their best to help the best was wrong. And if this lady flew I doubt that the foundations of continued success were properly established. Big brands don’t guarantee quality. We treat all our customers as individuals and we use methods that work, so if you’re thinking about doing one of our courses please do not think that we  do it like that! Captain Keith

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