Hello, Logbook 24/7 is the brainchild of a former fearful flyer. Joining our fear of flying network will give you support to overcome and deal with your fear of flying. Take a look at some of the stories and you’ll be inspired by people who felt that all hope had been lost about ever going abroad or seeing friends simply because they could not face getting on a  plane.  So often you’ll see the message, ” If I can do it, anyone can.” or “I never believed I would ever do it.” And this can be true for you too.

One of the most important things a fearful flyer can get is support. Not necessarily support from an expert, but support and encouragement from people who feel like they do.

There are hundreds of posts and stories from fearful flyers around the world. Some have met each other while others have actually been flying in opposite directions. All get support and encouragement from each other. If you would like to join this community it couldn’t be easier.
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About the Community

The support and encouragement that members give each other often make their dreams come true. To be able to share your experiences your emotions and triumphs with other people seems to be an enormous incentive to succeed. On the site, we have videos, many posted by successful flyers, chats and discussions and contact with people who understand what you are going through. Be confident that soon you will be able to go flying without the worries you have now, read on and discover this site, and success will happen sooner than you ever expected.

The benefits of joining

Although you probably feel as if you’re alone in dealing with your fear the truth is that there are thousands, if not millions of people, who share your fear about flying. There are many websites dedicated to helping you, unfortunately, most of them giving you the help they think you need rather than the help you actually need. The help you need is the one that works for you…not a formula.

We’re here to offer you any help that will get you flying with less fear than you have now. You may find something that will work for you in a sentence or even a word, something that will re-structure what you’re thinking now,  into something that will actually help you to fly.

The most common feature of anyone trying to overcome their fear is to delay doing anything. Rather than set about overcoming a fear today, most people put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow seems a safer and better day… perhaps something will happen that makes facing the fear tomorrow easier than facing it today. And as I’m sure you know there’s no point in doing anything today, because you’re not flying today. But you’ll have to face your fear eventually. Yesterday was the best day, today is the next best. Tomorrow is the worst.


Welcome aboard

As anyone who has been anxious about flying for any length of time knows,  weeks and months pass and then suddenly you’re faced with a flight. It’s then too late to do anything effective about it. And if you do find strategies there won’t have been much time to practice them. So we recommend that when you’ve joined us that you keep the momentum going and do something NOW.

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Like you, most people don’t expect to overcome their fear or anxiety, they just expect, that after having read a book or attended a course ‘things will be different’, but they still expect to worry, they don’t know what will be ‘different’.
Put another way, they can’t imagine a significant change in the way they feel. They can’t imagine flying without fear. Generally, anxious flyers think that overcoming their fear of flying is about feeling almost the same as they do now but somehow being able to fly despite those feelings. This is not true. When you overcome or address your fear of flying you will feel differently about flying. Facing the fear can’t be worse than fearing the fear…which is where you are now.

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Fear of Flying

There are some amazing stories in the community,  people who would never have believed that they could fly, manage to get to Australia and back from the UK. People across the world take journeys they could only ever have dreamed of. Some members who haven’t flown for more than 30 years regularly write in and report their latest holiday. Anyone, despite the level of their fear and however long they’ve had their fear, can be helped. It is a source of inspiration and encouragement that shouldn’t be missed.

Being a member of this FREE social network gives you:

  • A place to share your experiences with others who have a fear of flying.
  • The chance to join in discussions to explore your anxieties.
  • Support from people who understand your fear of flying.
  • The chance to share your successes.
  • Access to successful flyers stories (and to see their photos and videos)


Captain Keith.


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