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Hi Keith,

I hope this email finds you well. I have been looking forward to emailing you( i have not long been back from my trip) to thank you for writing such a great book.

I am a xxxxxxxxx who from a very young age has been a nervous flyer. I have always faced my fear and flown, but i am (was) a complete and utter wreck!! My father surprised me, my mum and sister to a trip to Las Vegas for a early Christmas present. When he told us i felt sick, and got very emotional. Especially after i learnt that we were not flying direct. We had to fly Manchester to Philadelphia and Philadelphia to Vegas (eekkk!),

Over all it was approx 14hrs flying time! I was losing sleep and it was taking hold of me, i knew i needed some reassurance and to address my fear. As i did not want my fear to get the better of me, and miss out of such a great trip.

Thats where you came in, after 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, i still felt i needed a long list of questions answering. ‘What are those noises? How do planes get off the ground (as i have packed the whole of my wardrobe, and believe me it is rather large!), And the dreaded turbulence,(annoyance as you call it).

Your book was a fantastic and reassuring read, they way you describe EVERYTHING in just enough detail, and detail that you can understand. Your great sense of humour makes you at ease on its own.

There was turbulence on the plane, but with your reassuring words that stuck in my head-

  1. “Tturbulence is not dangerous it is just uncomfortable”
  2. “Turbulence can not bring a plane out of the sky”
  3. “Turbulence is only air hitting of buildings, mountains etc and making its way upto the sky.”
  4. “Planes don’t have feelings, they don’t perform any different in turbulence.”

And i am happy to report it 100% helped, i would recommend your book and CDs to anyone, it beats any remedy, tablet, even hypno (in my eyes) .. I noticed i did not get the shaky legs, sweaty palms, etc as much as i did get.

Once again Keith, thank you for helping me with my fear. You have improved me by miles!!

Have a great Christmas, i am sorry this is so long, just wanted to let you know your hard word in writing the book was worth it..

Warm Regards

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