As you can imagine we don’t get a look in where publicity is concerned compared to the big brands. I often get asked for stories only to find that the big bearded brand suddenly replaces anything I’ve offered.  I’ve had radio slots taken from me and recently an article in the Daily Mail that was promised to me suddenly was replaced by a big brand airline advert that legal restrictions  prevent my naming. What they don’t have the commercial strength to do is offer you a free top up course.   How can profit be compared to the satisfaction of getting an Email like this? Hi Keith
I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you to you and Vivian for a great day on Saturday. I can’t tell you how much better and more confident I am feeling at the moment – having the chance to sit in the plane again and deal with some of those emotions and worries in the supportive environment you offer was just fantastic, and I am so grateful for the top-up, just wish I’d done it a little sooner and saved another missed flight last year! I’ve got something to build on again and a new starting point as you said, instead of dwelling on the things that have happened before. It’s amazing how much I had forgotten from the course last time cos I’d replaced it with all my negative thinking! I mistakenly thought I was okay cos I’d managed three flights but I can see I need a better strategy in order to prepare for any future flights and you have given me the confidence back to try again.
It really is an amazing thing that you do and that top-up offer is invaluable – thank you again so much.
Kindest regards
p.s. I’ll be posting a cheque to you today for the two books which Vivienne  kindly let me take – please send my thanks to her too for all her help on the day.

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