Free help for your fear of flying through our range of helpcasts.

Simply press the play button to listen or subscribe using the feed icon above. fearoflyingaudiohelpiconHelpcast 1 – “Welcome Aboard” | Length: 3:07 mins |   The latest help, advice and insight from for your fear of flying. Hosted by Captain Keith Godfrey with guest appearances from aviation experts, people who have overcome their fear of flying, Therapist and many many more. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 2 – “How Others Can Help “ | Length: 3:39 mins |   Understand how talking and discussing your fear of flying with other people can give you support and assistance to go flying without fear. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 3 – “Coping Strategies” | Length: 5:22 mins |   Captain Keith Godfrey discusses how you can develop your strategies to help you overcome your fear. Recognising that a fear of flying is not a weakness and that there are ways to help you deal with your fear. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 4 – “The safety of flying in turbulence” | Length: 3:39 mins |   The number one concern for many people is flying in turbulence. In this podcast we discover why turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous, and why the things you see and hear when flying in turbulence take place. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 5 – “Coping with Holiday flights” | Length: 4:37 mins |   In this episode we learn how to deal with the pressure of taking hoiliday flights to avoid thise cancellations and disappointments. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 6 – “Take off and landings” | Length: 5:35 mins |   This cast addresses the latest news coverage about the condition of the runway at a UK airport. It discusses the subject of landing and the conditions of takeoff and landing. Tune in and hear all about runways and how aircraft use them. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 7 – “Industrial actions and safety “ | Length: 3:40 mins |   Recently there has been a lot of media coverage of impending strikes by airline Cabin Crew. This helpcast contains fascinating insight why this sort of event will not and can not affect the operating procedures of airlines, and how airlines ensure air safety is maintained. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 8 – “Latest News! – Press Release” | Length: 3:20 mins |   Covering a range of subjects, this new release will get you flying. Captain Keith Godfrey has over 20,000 flying hours and was, until his retirement from British Airways, a CAA examiner for flight tests and training. He has been featured on various national television and radio stations, as an industry expert on aviation travel. Articles about his work with nervous air travellers have also appeared in various UK publications including The Times, The Daily Mail through to The Readers Digest and Harpers and Queens fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 9 – “The wind!” | Length: 3:30 mins |   For anxious passengers who have a fear of flying, the wind means worry. This helpcast describes how the wind helps rather than hinders, the effect of cross winds and how the aircraft reacts. From a Pilots point of view this fear of flying helpcast provides unique insight into flying in wind. From take off through cruise and landing, it is all explained in this fear of flying helpcast. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 10 – “An insight on Pilots” | Length: 3:50 mins |   Fear of flying can be helped through knowledge, reassurance and insight. In this fear of flying helpcats we learn about Pilots, why they are not supermen, but skilled people doing an ordinary job, every day of thier lives. Hear why flying is the safest form of travel as Pilot training, procedures and decision making is revealed, with detailed explanations on what Pilots have to achieve before they get to fly. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 11 – “BBC Interview on the Fear of Flying” | Length: 17:47 mins |   In this fear of flying helpcast we hear the full BBC Radio Interview with Captain Godfrey as he launched his best selling book ‘Flying without Fear’. Discussions cover Turbulence, weather, the feeling of no control, take off and landing. Listen as the BBC radio host asks those questions you have always wanted to ask and learn those things you always wondered about. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 12 “The go around (aborted landing)” | Length: 3:53 mins |   Learn all about why and what a ‘go around is’, and, although commonly known as an aborted landing, learn why the ‘go around’ is simply the aircraft climbing again just before landing. Listen to how the pilots handle the go around, and what you can expect if this safe procedure is invoked fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 14 – “Pre-flight Briefings” | Length: 2:52 mins |   Aircrews go through a number of pre-flight briefings. In this helpcast, be re-assured by hearing and understanding all the preparations that all the flight crew go through before departing. You will be suprised to hear what they know, do and prepare for before they even get on board! It all adds up to ensuring the flight is as well prepared and as safe as possible before take off. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 15 – “The initial climb after take off” | Length: 3:08 mins |   This helpcast takes the listener through the normality of take off from a Pilots point of view. Although the feeling can be one of disorientation, confusion and wonder for the passenger, the Pilot is actually following a carefully planned and pre-set route after take-off. This helpcast reveals the amazing amount of planning that surrounds the take off. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 16 – “In the cruise – what do Pilots do? “ | Length: 3:49 mins |   Here today what goes on while the aircraft is in the cruise. Unlike mst people’s perception, the Pilots are actively engaged in monitoring the flight progress, navigation and systems used to ensure a completely safe passage. fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 17 – “Autopilots and why they make flying even safer” | Length: 3:06 mins |   What do automatic pilots do, how do they work, why do they make flying even safer, and how do pilots use them? These any many other questions answered in this helpcast from fearoflyingaudiohelpicon Helpcast 18 – “The approach and landing” | Length: 3:27 mins |   The landing is often quoted as the fear of flying. In this fear of flying helpcast, Captain Godfrey talks through who the approach is made and what is going on during the landing. He explains how the pilots land the aircraft, explains the noises and sensations, and how the law helps ensure every landing is a safe one. Reassurance for your fear of flying.

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