Greetings from sunny Georgia, USA! It was a very long day yesterday and I felt like I had been flying forever, but for the first time in my life I can honestly say I enjoyed it!! When I think back to what a wreck I was for so many years and the opportunities I missed because of my phobia, I just have to thank you again Keith for the help you give to people like me who have spent years either putting off flying, or going through hell every time we flew. As you know, I honestly considered myself a hopeless case, but the fact that someone actually understood and offered practical and moral support – well it has changed my life. Having two daughters living in the States, it would have been a huge ordeal to visit them without the help I have received. K*** – have you bought Keith’s book? If not I suggest you do as it was the first thing that started to help me. I used to be a total wreck at the slightest noise – even someone pressing the ‘call’ button would have me hyperventilating – so to know what the noises mean is very reassuring. The other thing that really helped me was Keith’s mantra that turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous. Yesterday’s flight from Philly to Jacksonville was pretty bumpy but I sat back knowing it wasn’t anything to worry about and it felt just like being on the roads in Malta!! Anyway, I really hope you will conquer your fear – I wish I had not wasted so many years feeding my fear, but I intend to make the most of it now I am so much braver – in fact my next flight is booked for May when our eldest daughter graduates from college in NW Florida (or should I say flights as we have to take 3 flights to get there!) Again, good luck – I hope you will let us all know what a great flight you have to Hawaii, and Keith – my thanks again, I am indebted to you and have recommended this site to friends who are nervous flyers. Regards, M PS The elastic band on the wrist is also a very good way of getting rid of your negative thoughts!!

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