We have had many many people ask us about why and how came to be…here is our story told by Captain Keith.. Our first site Scaredofflying.com, started life with a telephone call, when a friend needed some reassurance about flying before going on holiday. The call lasted two hours, during which time several other people joined in to ask their own questions. Following this call I received a lengthy e-mail with more questions to help the individual understand and ultimately overcome their fear of flying. This experience led me to the idea of the book ‘Flying without Fear’ which has been Amazon’s best seller in the genre for over three years, and looks likely to stay there. Since then we have developed several products to help you and other anxious flyers to overcome your fear of flying. And now we have developed to help you overcome your fear of flying. If you have a fear of flying our Fear of flying help Books, cd’s and more will help you overcome your fear of flying, includes fear of flying podcasts, information about weather, turbulence and many other areas to help you overcome your fear of flying. Everything is available through the online shop where you can buy our book, CD set, DVD, short in flight guide, e-book and several audio downloads. Coupled with our online community, podcasts, videos, information and insight we know you will find help here. Our aim is to provide effective and lasting strategies to anyone who has a fear of flying . Lasting solutions come from knowledge, confidence, and changes in behaviour, something we can help you achieve. Remember, the fear of flying is a very common fear which affects over 40 % of the population. However, it is also a fear that any sufferer can learn to overcome. No one form of help is better than another, the help that works for you is the one you should use. We will help you find it. Keith Godfrey and all at Flyingwithoutfear.com

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