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Way back in 2005 I attended one of Keith’ s inaugural seminars, preparing to take a short flight to France. Never in my wildest dreams then would I have considered… Read more →

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Brooklands museum

You may know of Brooklands if you live in the UK. It was the first motor racing track in the country, recognisable by its banked track. Years ago it became… Read more →

Success down under.

Dear Captain Keith, I have been meaning to contact you for some time to thank you for your support via your book and website.  As a result of reading the book… Read more →

Safety Culture. Sleeping pilots.

In a news item this morning it was stated that a number (approximately a ninth) of the pilot workforce had woken to find the other pilot asleep. First question is… Read more →

SEPTEMBER 26th 2013

Hi Keith I bought your CD set ‘Flying without Fear’ back in March 2007 and used it for my holiday to St Lucia this year. I just wanted to let… Read more →

A fear of flying question … and answer

Hi Captain Keith, I want to say a big thank you once again for all your help and advice at putting my mind at rest before going on another flight,… Read more →

Fear of flying help

Summer here in the UK has been unusually hot and anyone worried about flying has been able to enjoy the holiday season without thinking about going abroad. However  in the… Read more →

Money money money and flying without fear

Today I was at a local business group and our speaker was a chap who deals with financial planning. His presentation was excellent, it was well constructed well delivered and… Read more →

I feel like I have my life back!

Ten years ago I flew Sydney to LA and it was the worst experience of my life. I white-knuckled it the whole way there, then I couldn’t enjoy my holiday… Read more →