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A bit of anxiety about flying… even for me.

This weekend I flew over to Guernsey to see my grandchildren …and got another insight into why airlines, airport and delays cause so much concern. First of all we rushed… Read more →

Fear of flying “Join our Forum”

From a recent success story. “I have to be honest, I have never held with ‘Forums’ as such and, when I initially found this site and saw ‘Join our Forum’… Read more →

Fear of flying…unlikely reasons

 It’s hard to believe that happy life events can cause of a fear of flying. Quite often people write to the forum saying “I was OK until…” …and then there’s… Read more →

Fear of flying. Tips and help from

Here are some tips to help you to overcome your fear of flying. 1: Your fear is not a’s just the way you are. 2: Your fear can be… Read more →

The fear of flying. Free (Worth £24.99) Gift with book!

 In conjunction with an Australian psychologist I am in the process of preparing a new book on the fear of flying. We are following the style of my book Flying… Read more →

Third World Conference On Fear Of Flying

Recommendations of the Third World Conference On Fear Of Flying Whereas one or the other form of Fear of Flying affects up to 30 percent of the passengers on commercial… Read more →

Fear of flying…good preparation.

2007 Hi this week, as usual, I had a few messages asking about the best way to overcome a fear of flying. I always say that preparation is the key…. Read more →

Act now…don’t wait!

June 2007 This week has been very busy with many people contacting me needing help urgently because of flights coming up very soon. Naturally this puts enormous pressure on anyone… Read more →

Fear of flying course venue.

2007 Hi Everyone. This week I’ve been cleaning and preparing the cabin and flight deck of the plane I shall be using for my fear of flying courses. While I… Read more → website

2007 Hi We added a new feature to the website today. If you go to the home page up in the top right panel you will see a search box,… Read more →