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Fear of flying. Turbo props and small planes.

Some people don’t mind mind flying in prop jets…me for instance … but for some fearful flyers the thought of travelling in a small plane or one with turbo propeller… Read more →

Fear of flying. The unsung contributors to flight safety.

When we think of flight safety we tend to think of pilots or Air Traffic Controllers. But as any visitor to this site will know there are thousands of people… Read more →

The fear of flying. The facts.

There seem to be more and more advertisement on the web for ‘life style’ and other quick ways to overcome the fear of flying. Many  suggest a new way of… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Could the plane be too heavy?

So many people who have a fear of flying wonder if their plane might be too heavy to take off . This is a perfectly normal thought, especially when you’ve… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Bad weather?

This week there are several people going to Orlando who have posted messages to me about the weather. They are concerned that they may fly through what they see as… Read more →

The lighter side of a fear of flying.

 I happened to hear this joke on the radio from an eccentric English comedian called Tommy Cooper. “If you stand in a library and scream, everyone stares silently at you…. Read more →

Fear of flying. Sudden turbulence.

NORMAL! Visible on this occasion. Recently on the forum someone asked “what was the cause of a sudden very short lived bit of turbulence?” Here’s the answer…this picture shows what… Read more →

In Flight Fear of Flying Guide

 Here’s a peek inside; The fear of flying is not a weakness…it’s just the way you are. A fear of flying can be overcome. Develop a … Remember that planes… Read more →

A fear of flying success story.

Elizabeth who is one of our regular contributors on the forum …had a really bad fear of flying combined with claustrophobia. A simple piece of information about planes combined with… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Best book ever.

 June2007 We’re proud to announce that we’re re-printing the book ‘Flying without Fear’ again. It has been Amazon’s best seller in the genre since publication in 2003. It has helped… Read more →