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Fear of Flying.

From the Fear of Flying Forum… “Just had the DvD, great and definatly worth buying, if you have a fear of flying. Quite funny really how the first question by… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Success story

Hi everyone,Well I am back from my overseas trip to Hong Kong & Thailand. I had to take 5 flights during a two week period – I experienced little discomfort… Read more →

Fear of Flying Success story.

“Dear Keith, I have never enjoyed flying, but had flown fourteen times prior to this last week. Many of those flights were taken within a three year period until the… Read more →

Fear of flying success story

February 2007 “I’ve just posted on the forum, so thank you for helping me to do that. I really would love to post a postcard, but haven’t had any success…. Read more →

Fear of Flying. A letter from a ‘grateful customer’

” I last flew to Jamaica in 1997. I cried for days before. I was surprised they let me on the plane as I was in such a blind panic…. Read more → Endorsement of the site We are pleased to say that we are the only fear of flying help resource to be listed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. We are listed under Phobias. Read more →

Fear of Flying. Icing.

On my flight back from the Channel Islands this week I noticed that some ice was forming on the front of the wings. As a pilot I know that this… Read more →

Fear of flying. Air Disaster program.

It can not be without coincidence that the Discovery or National Geographic channel on Sky has a half page advertisement in the paper while the front page carries a photograph… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Accident in Thailand.

  On the website we have always been critical of the press coverage of aircraft accidents and incidents. Today a major world wide news service was actually inviting viewers… Read more →

Fear of Flying. New Web site home page.

The most popular and helpful feature of our web site is the help forum. If you have a fear of flying then this is the best help resource available anywhere… Read more →