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Fear of Flying

Just in case you think you’re the only person who is anxious about flying, you’re not… we’ve had nearly 10,000 visitors from 117 countries so far this month. (18th February… Read more →

Relax Remember and Go Flying without Fear

Our In flight Guide is the perfect thing to slip into your pocket or handbag if you’re an anxious flyer. It’s packed with useful tips for every stage of your… Read more →

Fear of flying

2009 Compared with most web sites ours doesn’t figure. In the group that helps people with a fear of flying we’re doing fine! We just clocked up our millionth visit… Read more →

Fear of Flying courses

It’s a crazy thing but last week someone contacted me regarding a fear of flying course. After some deliberation he decided that he couldn’t really afford it. Because his flight… Read more →

Fear of Flying Course

Most people delay going on a course until there’s almost no choice, it’s a course or lose the holiday. The mind isn’t in the best state to accept new ideas… Read more →

Fear of flying. Phobias. Courses

Last night there was an interesting program on the television about phobias. If you happened to watch it and wondered if there is a connection between any of the phobias… Read more →

Fear of Flying Course

Despite the size and brand influence of the airlines who run courses we’re pleased to say that we’re the only company with our own facility, designed and dedicated to helping… Read more →

The original and better Book Flying without Fear

 We’re pleased to see that on the Amazon popularity list our book is more than 78,000 places ahead of its ‘rival’ of the same name. Although the brand is… Read more →

Fear of flying social network

Hi, Just to keep you up to date and to encourage you to join we have 94 members already …that’s in ther first four days. We’re not likely to exceed… Read more →

Fear of flying success story

Jenny is  in the land of the you know what and where. (USA) Jenny struggled with a fear of flying for years before deciding that she really needed to do… Read more →