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There’s nothing like a bit of bad weather in the UK to get everyone fretting. Perhaps we have nothing better to talk about and it’s certainly uncontroversial. Let’s consider fog. On… Read more →

Bad weather Operations

  Read about bad weather operations.                     Read more →

Overcoming fear

Training in the airline industry is synonymous with safety. Every course that pilots do has to do with safety. Yesterday I was at a refresher training course about human factors… Read more →

SULLY… the miracle of the Hudson

Apart from the audience attracting title I found this Tom Hanks film quite entertaining. It was faithful to the facts and the initial doubting of the pilots decision was all… Read more →

Human Factors (Blog 604)

 Pilot Human Factors and addressing your fear of flying   Some fearful flyers are happy with the technicalities of flight but worry about pilots “being human and prone to mistakes”. Perhaps this is… Read more →

Media Myth Busters: No 1Short Runways

It probably seems as if I’m constantly at war with the Media. I watched a couple of programmes recently on Channel 5 here in the UK,  and I feel as… Read more →

World traveller Blog 603

I am writing to express by deepest thanks to you, Captain Keith as you aware I am from Island of Malta and during a flight home I had an horrendous… Read more →

Thanks Captain Keith (Blog 602)

March 21st 2016 Dear Captain Keith I finally got some time to write some thank you for your amazing online course. I can’t believe that I was acutally on board… Read more →

The Fear of Flying 2016 (Blog 601)

With the best will in the world it’s almost impossible to singlehandedly maintain two social networks three websites a worldwide social forum without occasionally falling behind. In addition at the… Read more →

Web sites

We have recently split our websites. The shop which used to be a part of the website is now an commerce site. We hope that this change will simplify… Read more →