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The Comet story

Tonights channel 4  programme about the comet accidents in the 50’s was brilliant.   Captain Keith   Read more →

“Hello Captain Keith I’m viewing the videos of take off and landing a lot at the moment to desensitize me to noises and motions.”   This is exactly how the… Read more →

I made it!

Dear Keith and Viv, I hope you are both well and that the weather hasn’t affected you too badly.  It hasn’t been too conducive to coaching tennis outdoors in the… Read more →


Hi Captain Keith Well I just have to let you know I took my 2 hour flight to Tasmania!!  On a tiny half empty Boeing 787 I think. A few… Read more →


We have just enrolled the 2504th member to our fear of flying community. If you haven’t joined or looked at it … do so now. There’s more support and help… Read more →

Common Fears about flying

common FearsThanks for your website…I read bits and pieces especially when I am about to take a long trip.  I’m not necessarily scared of flying….I’m scared of dying!  lol.  Seriously… Read more →

New Zealand via Nepal

Hi Keith A wave from here in NZ. I had an epic flight across the globe! Kathmandu to Dubai, to Bangkok, to Sydney, to Christ Church! wow. I was exhasuted. And it… Read more →


Our next fear o f flying course is on saturday next … 23rd Feb  Give me a call on 10420 588 628 if you’d like to come along. Keith Read more →

Back on line

I don’t know why hackers bother with our blog but they do  now  I’m pleased to say we’re back and running, so I’ll be keeping you up to date again…. Read more →

i Pad

Found a great app on the free store last night It allows you to track flights… I tracked a plane that was parked at Gatwick. I heard a suggestion that… Read more →