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Fear of Flying Success story

Here’s Lisa in sunny Barcelona. Another person who with the help of our forum was able to deal with her fear of flying. Our heartiest congratulations to her. She deserves… Read more →

Fear of flying. Security breach.

A number of people have asked me about the item in the news where an Airline Pilot has been dismissed for allowing a football player on to the flight deck… Read more → Endorsement of the site We are pleased to say that we are the only fear of flying help resource to be listed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. We are listed under Phobias. Read more →

Fear of flying. Technology

To a pilot…this picture is a perfect office to work in. The ergonomics are perfect, the layout of the instrument panels present all the information a pilot needs to operate… Read more →

The fear of flying.The pilot’s job.

 When I started flying in 1959 pilots were expected to be individuals and forthright leaders. Their decisions were expected to be followed without question and everything about them was based… Read more →

Fear of flying. Hints and tips.

If you have a fear of flying one of the best things you can do when you have taken your seat is to make yourself as comfortable as you can…. Read more →

Fear of flying. Defying the laws of gravity?

The fascination of aeroplanes is such that enthusiasts around the world will sit for hours watching planes come and go while listening in to the chatter between pilots and controllers… Read more →

Third World Conference On Fear Of Flying

Recommendations of the Third World Conference On Fear Of Flying Whereas one or the other form of Fear of Flying affects up to 30 percent of the passengers on commercial… Read more →

Fear of flying course venue.

2007 Hi Everyone. This week I’ve been cleaning and preparing the cabin and flight deck of the plane I shall be using for my fear of flying courses. While I… Read more →

Thoughts on the fear of flying Conference

2007 Hi everyone, Now that I’ve been back for a few days I can reflect more clearly on the World Fear of Flying Conference. The value of meeting other therapists… Read more →