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Course on 22nd July

This is some of the stuff we discussed, along with how planes fly How they stay up. Intermittent fear. Short flights. Long flights. “Don’t like how high we are.” Claustrophobia… Read more →

Captain Keith’s Turbulence Tamer £1.99

CAPTAIN KEITH’S TURBULENCE TAMER Turbulence is the number one worry for most passengers and especially fearful flyers. We have designed this App to help air travellers to measure what the… Read more →

Bad weather Operations

  Read about bad weather operations.                     Read more →

World traveller Blog 603

I am writing to express by deepest thanks to you, Captain Keith as you aware I am from Island of Malta and during a flight home I had an horrendous… Read more →

Web sites

We have recently split our websites. The shop which used to be a part of the website is now an commerce site. We hope that this change will simplify… Read more →

On-line Fear of Flying Course

There’s nothing worse than promising to do something and not fulfilling that promise. Somewhat embarrassingly I’ve been promising to make  the new on line course available for a while now… Read more →

20,000 and counting

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What’s going on …

More people book for our fear of flying course as the year advances. More people regret not doing something about their fear sooner than those who do. More fearful flyers… Read more →

Best seller

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Fear of flying help

Summer here in the UK has been unusually hot and anyone worried about flying has been able to enjoy the holiday season without thinking about going abroad. However  in the… Read more →