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Another happy flyer.

  User Comments:  The fear of flying Thank you so much for this material which I bought from your shop. I was generally afraid before getting onto the flight this… Read more →

A wonderful website! ;-)”

“What a wonderful website. I am looking forward to overcoming my fear of flying & embrace it as so many people I know do. ;-)” Shae Read more →

Another happy flyer

Hi Keith I personally would like to thank you for your Fear of Flying Book. My husband has been terrified of flying for years and after the 9/11 tragedy I… Read more →

This week’s testimonials

Thank you to these people who wrote to us this week. “After a few hours with Keith my life has totally changed – I now fly without even thinking about… Read more →

Fear of Flying course

Check this out this link if you want to see what people think of a fear of flying course that will work long term. “Brilliant” Captain Keith Read more →

Fear of flying. Success stories

Here are some recent messages we’ve seen on the forum, not from people who had just a fear of flying but people who were so petrified and so terrified of… Read more →

Fear of Flying.

From the Fear of Flying Forum… “Just had the DvD, great and definatly worth buying, if you have a fear of flying. Quite funny really how the first question by… Read more →

Outstanding safety record endorsed.

 We get all sorts of people taking an interest in our products so it was very nice to receive this note out of the blue. This book  explains the safety… Read more →