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Thanks Indeed!

How do you ever begin to thank complete strangers… who I am now proud to call friends… for giving you the confidence to achieve something you never ever thought was… Read more →

From New Zealand

Dr Alice Boyes’s Blog Over the weekend I read a good little book called “Flying without Fear” …aimed at people who are anxious about flying. Its available in the Christchurch… Read more →

THANK YOU a million times Captain Keith.

THANK YOU a million times captain Keith. Have just returned from Kos (4 hour flight) and was actually excited to be on the plane. Went out in the day and… Read more →

Fear of Flying

Hi!! You should change your title from ‘Captain Keith’ to ‘Mega Legend Superstar Keith’!! :-)) I know you’ve prob heard this from sooo many others but your book “Fear of… Read more →

The best course in the UK?

I just want to tell you all what a delightful day we had on Saturday with Captain Keith and his wife, Viv. They made us feel so welcome and we… Read more →


As you can imagine we don’t get a look in where publicity is concerned compared to the big brands. I often get asked for stories only to find that the… Read more →

Fear of Flying Course 17th July

Both D. and I would like to thank you and and Viv for an excellent day. You both made us feel very much at ease and thanks to you both,… Read more →


Hi Keith, I have been frightened of flying for as long as I can remember, but then found your site bought the Book  and have just returned from a 7hour… Read more →

Linkedin Message!

Some time ago I posted something at you forum, I also downloaded some podcasts from your website. I am glad to tell you that I finally overcame my fear to… Read more →

38 Years grounded

I found this message to the people who were on the flight when we made the DVD.  Jasper’s success in overcoming his fear after38 years means that  … you can… Read more →