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Fear of Flying success!

Dear Keith I attended your course! Last weekend I put it to the test and flew to Spain and back! I did my homework for two weeks before – listening… Read more →

I am now in Goa!

Thanks to you I am now in Goa and have been cured… to my own astonishment! Flew for the first time since your course twice in one day and really… Read more →

We have just returned from a trip to see our son in Australia!

Hi Keith, Not sure you will remember me but I came along to your course as a “supporter” for my wife almost a year ago. Well we have just returned… Read more →

From Ann…

Hi, You should talk to Capt Keith, because along with a huge list of fears, this was one of my fears (Claustrophobia). I believe there is a window in the… Read more →

6 years cured of the fear of flying

To Captain Keith I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the huge help you have been to me. My parents live in Spain and other family live… Read more →

Course News

Thank you Keith and Vivienne so much for the fear of flying  ground course I attended yesterday. (November 19th) Reflecting on the day, the most important thing I came away… Read more →

Facebook likes.

You have certainly helped me! CDs are brilliant I was able to fly to America in April, because of you – over the course of the past five years, as… Read more →

Success and a honeymoon to look forward to!

LJ W A huge thank you to Keith for today’s course! It was fantastic. Informative and supportive… exactly what was needed to enable me to go on my honeymoon and… Read more →

After the Course

Answer to the question   How is it all going? Fantastic thanks … Did Spain this year and have already booked Turkey next year. I know you say it’s all… Read more →

Ground Course success

“Went on Keith’s course in April. Fear of flying course venue Highly recommend it.” “Fantastic to have one to one help and make friends in comfortable surroundings. Keith will answer… Read more →