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not been on a plane for over 50 years

Captain Keith,  I am now a pensioner and had not been on a plane for over 50 years after a scare. Some years ago I bought your 4 cd audio… Read more →

Very important!

Dear Keith,  I don’t know how important this is for you, …but I managed to fly with Ryanair without fear.  I was a bit tense a couple of days before… Read more →

Fear of flying course

Attended Captain Keith’s excellent course last Saturday… and was really inspired by Keith’s enthusiasm and teaching skills to conquer my fear   ps…not everyone is interested in the cockpit…on this… Read more →

your fear of flying website is amazing…

I have to say your website is amazing and your reply to every message i’ve posted has really helped … both me and my Mum- (she is afraid of flying… Read more →

I cannot thank you enough, your help changed my life!

 I would like to thank you Keith for a fantastic book, and audio course is the best money I have ever spent, I just can’t believe I spent so… Read more →

Your course is fantastic, and such a brilliant concept holding it on a plane.

Good Morning Keith Just to say a very big thank you to both you and Vivienne for a wonderful day yesterday. By the time we got home I felt absolutely… Read more →

Way better than the BA and Virgin courses

Hi Keith + Viv Way better than the BA and virgin courses… Just wanted to say thank you and also say how brilliant your course is Just wanted let you know… Read more →

Chile and back!!!

Hi Keith Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been to Chile & I’m now back home. I had a lovely time & I’ve got to say that I’m… Read more →

Personal help…a phone call to S America!

Hi Captain Keith, Thank you so much for your kind and helpful phone call. The flight was fine!  I did deep breathing and thought of what you told me re:… Read more →

“when I fly, it’s all okay!”

Hi  Captain Keith, I want to thank you for your book and website – it has changed my experience of flying from one of anguished terror, …to a situation where… Read more →