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Dear Captain Keith, I want to thank you for the Turbulence Tamer app (Android version)- it has done wonders to alleviate my fear of turbulence! I live in Germany and visit… Read more →

The personal fear of flying course

I never ask people for testimonials and neither do I take’ before and after’ videos. To me, helping people to overcome their fear of flying is a private contract between… Read more →


Hi Keith, So…where do I begin?  So both flights were fairly turbulent in my eyes.  No more than, say, 5-10 mins of what I consider to be smooth.  But, I… Read more →

50 Years without Flying and then …

Keith, I had not flown for nearly 50, yes 50 years, after a bad experience. I bought your 4 Disc CD set some years ago and it completely cured my… Read more →

Across the Atlantic with a fearful flyer!

This is a message posted on our fear of flying community LogBook 24/7 which incidentally has 3002 members. Why not join? Dear all, So I’m back from my long long trans… Read more →

Flying as we speak … the personal touch

Here is  a post from our community. I’m here to help and this was one of four calls that day.   “Thanks A, I spoke to Keith earlier today and… Read more →

20,000 and counting

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Best seller

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Dear Keith, I am originally from the UK, but live full in Ireland. You’re latest email just reminded me of my own journey from fearful flyer to eager beaver! I… Read more →


Way back in 2005 I attended one of Keith’ s inaugural seminars, preparing to take a short flight to France. Never in my wildest dreams then would I have considered… Read more →