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Personal Stories

Hiya, don’t be ashamed of your fear.

Hiya, don’t be ashamed of your fear. Easy for me to say I  know….I was terrified of flying for 30 years up until yesterday. YesterdayI went on one of Captain… Read more →

Fear of flying success.

I would just like to Thank everybody that makes this website possible. I ordered the Bookand CD’s and they totally changed my life! I suffered from a extreme fear of… Read more →

A helpful but rude Mantra!

FACE BOOK ENTRY Yesterday 9:33pm Hello there Mr G … I’m off to see my son next week. Flying on me little own and not even had any stress outs… Read more →

I just can’t tell you how it has changed my life.

Hi Capt. Keith! I just had to tell you that I had a spectacular trip to Scotland and the flight was easy. Even when we hit turbulence, I just put… Read more →


  London airport control tower HI Keith, just a quick update for you … on Friday I’m off to Munich and this is the first of many flights for this… Read more →


Turbulence  There was a report yesterday of a transatlantic flight having to divert because of injuries sustained by some passengers during turbulence. It seems that the passengers were not wearing… Read more →

A fear of flying can be overcome!

I just wanted to say thank you to Captain Godfrey and the podcast that was released a few years ago. I had to fly to Mexico for a wedding last… Read more →

Filming our DVD

The opportunity to attend Keith’s seminar came like a bolt from the blue. I knew that I had to confront this fear but I wasn’t really thinking about how or… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Success Story

“Dear KeithI am writing to you from Australia – you may recall that you sent me your flying without fear package about 6 months ago. I have just returned from… Read more →

Fear of Flying Success story.

“Dear Keith, I have never enjoyed flying, but had flown fourteen times prior to this last week. Many of those flights were taken within a three year period until the… Read more →