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Personal Stories

Really wish you’d bring your course to the US!

Really wish you’d bring your course to the US! Sent from my iPhone Read more →

20 thousand miles of success

Hello Keith, I just wanted to pass on my (and my partner’s!) huge thanks to you for helping me conquer my fear of flying. If you remember I came along… Read more →


Dear Keith, I am writing to THANK YOU for what you have done for me, even though you have never met me. I bought your book ‘Fly without Fear’ back… Read more →

Fear of flying…another story…from way back.

The opportunity to attend Keith’s fear of flying ground course came like a bolt from the blue. I knew that I had to confront this fear but I wasn’t really… Read more →

South America and back!

Just thought I’d drop you a note to say that I have arrived back from Brazil all in one piece. Just as the storm set in there as it happens…. Read more →

Thanks Captain Keith

Hi Captain Keith My name is Joseph I am Maltese so been flying for quite a few years once I had a bad flght and since then that’s when my… Read more →

Good Book!

Hi Keith, I hope this email finds you well. I have been looking forward to emailing you( I have not long been back from my trip) to thank you for… Read more →

Audio Course helps a fearful flyer

Hi Keith Just a quick word to say a big thank you for your “Flying without fear” 4 CD pack, I received them on Tuesday last and I have been… Read more →

Scared of flying…not

Hi Captain Keith! Thanks for your email! Yes, the course downloaded successfully, thanks for asking – I downloaded it the day before we went on holiday and put it onto… Read more →

Fear of Flying conquered

Hi Keith Well I did it! D and I flew to Dublin on Thursday and I was absolutely fine. I felt a little apprehensive when I got up at 2.30… Read more →