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Personal Stories

Could Virgin… or BA match this?

Dear Captain Keith, When I first bought the “Fear of Flying” DVD and CD’s, I wasn’t sure I was “helpable” …but I have since had 2 very successful long hauls… Read more →

Personal help with your fear of flying

Here are some posts from our fear of flying community. They tell a fabulous but not unusual story. 15th MAY “Hi all, I’ m new to the site but desperate… Read more →

Egypt, Lanzarote, Turkey, Holy Land,

Hi Captain Keith, Its been a long time since I have posted anything on this site, for that I apologise because… without you, your team and all who contribute to… Read more →


Back home after 2 weeks of turquoise sea, blue skies, seeing turtles and ancient Roman and Lycian ruins and walking on Lycian Way. Flight out B757 200 cloudy-everything JUST ROUTINE…. Read more →

Flying to Malta next weekend

Hi Keith, Just checking in. Flying to Malta next weekend. Had a hassle free time these last few weeks and really pleased that I seem to be building on sucess… Read more →

“…certainly opened my world up.”

Hi Keith Just was touching base after a period of time, as I find myself a bit apprehensive about flying to JFK from LHR on Thursday, A and I are… Read more →

Did it a few days ago.

Did it a few days ago. Very happy that I was ok with it. Was a very smooth flight, almost forgot I was on a plane at one point! Funny… Read more →

“all those fears were gone… “

Dear Captain Keith Since I attended the ground course with you on 20th August, I have been practising relaxation techniques and reading all the literature you provided. I also experienced… Read more →

We did it!

Hi everyone… we are back from our second trip to Jersey! We did it. The only hiccup was my so called friends thought it was funny to make sick jokes… Read more →

I’m on Holiday in Cuba

Hi Keith, It’s been a long while since we last talked, true. But I’m still following your newsletters and visiting your website from time to time! When you sent me… Read more →