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Personal Stories

I viewed flying as the most dangerous way to travel that you were lucky to survive.

I viewed flying as the most dangerous way to travel that you were lucky to survive. After reading this site, I flipped my thinking to flying is the safest way… Read more →

“this book could change peoples’ lives forever! “

Dear Captain Keith,   I have recommended your book to just about everyone I know. Prior to reading this book, I would absolutely dread getting on a plane. I would… Read more →

New Zealand via Nepal

Hi Keith A wave from here in NZ. I had an epic flight across the globe! Kathmandu to Dubai, to Bangkok, to Sydney, to Christ Church! wow. I was exhasuted. And it… Read more →

I’d had a 25 year fear of flying

Dear Keith and Viv. Thank you both so much for the excellent ground course I attended in September. It has helped bring me to a much more relaxed state of… Read more →

Latest helpletter Oct 2012

Dear Captain Keith,  I just want to say how much I appreciate …your ever thoughtful, considered and reassuring e-mails. Having used your book and CDs to overcome my fear of… Read more →

Off on my travels again Saturday

Its been 9 years since I found this fantastic site having been desperate to find some encouragement and reassurance to board a plane to New York.  Since that time I… Read more →

Hi Keith, Flights this year!!

Hi Keith, Flights this year!! two successful journeys so far this year, Portugal in may and Alicante last week. whilst portugal was a smooth flight, i did panic on take… Read more →

that light is amazing fun!!!

It’s been nearly 5 months since I called Keith in a panic and begged for a half day course to help me be ‘calm and collected’ on my first flight… Read more →

Very important!

Dear Keith,  I don’t know how important this is for you, …but I managed to fly with Ryanair without fear.  I was a bit tense a couple of days before… Read more →

Hawaii Five O Aloha

Hi Keith,  I can’t use my phone here else I would call but for now a quick email to let you know I made it and even managed the third… Read more →