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We’ll get you flying … that’s our promise

Junes says He sure will! I’ve recently returned from my second trip to Australia flying on my own! Absolutely fantastic man who is always there for you, to support you,… Read more →

Across the Atlantic with a fearful flyer!

This is a message posted on our fear of flying community LogBook 24/7 which incidentally has 3002 members. Why not join? Dear all, So I’m back from my long long trans… Read more →

20,000 and counting

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Best seller

Buy here Read more →

… your course has, literally, changed my life.

Dear Captain Keith I just wanted to say that your course has, literally, changed my life. I stopped flying around the time I was diagnosed with depression 6 years ago… Read more →


Way back in 2005 I attended one of Keith’ s inaugural seminars, preparing to take a short flight to France. Never in my wildest dreams then would I have considered… Read more →

Success down under.

Dear Captain Keith, I have been meaning to contact you for some time to thank you for your support via your book and website.  As a result of reading the book… Read more →

Fear of flying help

Summer here in the UK has been unusually hot and anyone worried about flying has been able to enjoy the holiday season without thinking about going abroad. However  in the… Read more →

had not flown for over 50 years now …

Thanks, once again , for helping me with my fear of flying. I am 65 years old and would go on an aircraft at any opportunity.  Have flown over 50… Read more →

My 30th, flight that is … not birthday!

Hello All, Its a celebration time for myself as I have just made my 30th Flight! Something that 8 years ago I just simply couldn’t have dreamed that could happen…. Read more →