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Surprise in the post!

When the postman leaves something with the neighbour and it has to be signed for   …makes you wonder if it’s a solicitor’s letter, a speeding fine or and unpaid… Read more →

New checks for doctors

Here in the UK it was announced yesterday that from next year all doctors would have …to be checked for their general competency. This follows the revelation that a doctor… Read more →

Fear of flying help..all around the world..

From slow beginings.. Three  and half years ago we were able …to help  someone who emailed us… and so we  started a small blog/forum …today we have nearly two and… Read more →

New Look

No it’s not a fashion shop we just thought our plane was looking a little weary   so we’ve spruced it up with a new paint job, but like any… Read more →

Fear is Fear

When you start a blog you wonder how you will find stuff to write about… but things happen and you end up with an article.  Herewith:  I was in my… Read more →

“Nerves kicking in at the airport…”

I’ve just been chatting to someone who is about to board a flight at Bristol… unfortunately the flight has been delayed for 3 hours while a spare part is being… Read more →

Fear of flying

Fear of flying Course There are many people around the country, and indeed  around world who have asked me about our   Fear of flying Course and whether we can… Read more →

Fear of flying: Turbulence again

Here’s an interesting discussion on the fearful flyers community someone has asked for my comments on an article . Whilst the article referred to is not entirely inaccurate,  it is… Read more →


We’ve had a few versions of the fear of flying community, and as time moves on we try to stay up to date However some of the members of the… Read more →

Emergency Landing

There has been a lot of ill informed talk about the recent evacuation that happened at Gatwick recently. The cabin crew are supposed to shout instructions. and the reason they… Read more →